2013.6.14 The ELSI of Biopharmaceutical Research

時   間:2013年6月14日(星期五)8:40-16:00

地   點:國立臺大醫學院醫學人文博物館 一樓視聽教室

主辦單位:生技醫藥國家型科技計畫 ELSI組


Time Topic and Speakers Moderator
08:40~09:00 Registration
09:00~09:10 Welcome and Opening Remark
09:10~10:10 Keynote SpeechTowards the perfect child? Non-invasive prenatal diagnostics and whole-genome assessment in pre-implantation diagnosticsProf. Bertrand Jordan, CNRS emeritus research director, France, and NRPB Counselor, National Science Council, Taiwan. Hua Tai戴華
10:10~10:20                         Break
10:20~11:10 ELSI-related thoughts from a medical research investigatorK. Arnold Chan陳建煒 Chien-Te Fan范建得
The Attitudes of the Public toward Tissue Banking: A View from Focus-Group DeliberationKuo-Ming Lin 林國明
The Moral Duty to Participate in Research ~ a Confucian perspectiveDaniel Fu-Chang Tsai 蔡甫昌
11:10~11:30  Panel discussion
11:30~11:40 Coffee Break
11:40~12:15 The Uneasy Dichotomy of Human Body Research and Human Research in TaiwanWen-Tsong Chiu邱文聰 Hsiao-Chi Sun孫效智
Bioethics and Law Entwined: The Legitimacy of IRB Review and its Limitation生命倫理與法律的交錯:人體研究倫理審查的正當性及其界限Wen-May Rei 雷文玫
12:15~12:30 Panel discussion
12:30~1:30 Lunch
1:30~2:20 When bioethics monopolizes clinical studies, should we rethink the merits of clinical studies?Chun-Ying Wu 吳俊穎 Kuei-Tien Chou周桂田
Benefit sharing in human genetic technology: A perspective of constructive comparative justiceKevin Chien-Chang Wu 吳建昌
Public deliberation on genetic testing in Taiwan: Critical Reflections基因檢測公民會議: 談基因科技與公民參與Tze-Lun Lin林子倫
2:20~2:40 Panel Discussion
2:40~3:00 Coffee Break
3:00~3:50 Informed Consent to Biomedical Research on Stored Human Tissue in Taiwan: Legal and Ethical PerspectivesChun-Feng Wu吳全峰 Chih-Liu Lin林志六
Types of Biomedical research and the needs of regulated intensity生醫研究類型與法律規範密度需求差異性Jean Feng-Jen Tsai蔡奉真
Panel Discussion
3:50~4:00 Closing Remarks